Spotted this siper pretty flower store in Budapest, Hungary! 💙💚💛💜😍 #travel #sightseeing #budapest #flowers

Real traditional Hungarian cuisine for dinner in Budapest tonight! Goulash soup & pickles 😄 #hungary #budapest #travel #halfhungarianbtw

Enchanted by Budapests nostalgic feeling 💟 #travel #hungary #budapest #hungarianheritage

Hello Kitty mineral water. Seen in Budapest, Hungary where I’ll be staying for a few days to do some sightseeing! 😊 (Im half Hungarian btw!)

In Hungary for sightseeing in Budapest! Just arrived, but first LETS HAVE A CAPPUCCINO! 😄☕💕

Just arrived in Hungary with the airplane and now drinking my first coffee here! ☕ Cappuccino all the way~💟

Lunch 😍

I put on my circle lenses 😶


Ah so refreshing! 😍

Rakokurou on #tumblr made this awesome fanart from my dark angel makeup tutorial 😍 thank you! 💖


Это же моя богинька! ╥﹏╥
Venus Angelic 💜
Один из её образов, наиболее близкий мне по духу.